July 30

grängesberg abandonments (SE)

This town in Sweden has several interesting abandoned buildings and sites and is well known among Swedish urban explorers. The town is originally a mining town which began its history in the 16th century when iron-ore extraction began in the area. Today there is no mining activity here, it closed down in 1990. However there […]

papermills__0004_Layer 22 July 23

papermill s (NO)

While most of the topside of this factory has been demolished a long time ago, several floors underneath ground still exist. The factory was first built in 1891 next to a waterfall and a river. Production started in 1983 with four paper machines and a few years it was the largest paper mill in Northern […]

tyfors_underjord_rustymask April 02

underground gunpowder factory (SE)

Deep inside the vast Swedish forests is an extremely dark place, literarily speaking. It’s a long forgotten underground gunpowder factory which when operational was so secret and hidden away that very few people knew about it. The history started in 1939 when WW2 broke loose. The usual supplier of gunpowder and ammunition to Sweden couldn’t […]

odda_ovens2 February 20

odda smelteverk (NO)

Last summer I went to see the remains of a huge abandoned calcium carbide and Cyanamid factory in Norway with a couple of other Norwegian urbexers and meet-up with a third. This place had been on my to-do list for a very long time so it was good to finally see the place even if […]

90tallshus_briller January 23

house of beer cans

This house from the nineties was a strange place. The back door was gone and the place was clearly abandoned, but it was a eerie feeling walking inside. First of all there were stuff everywhere – books, personal pictures, furniture, a driving license, a record player with records, board games, letters, newspapers and clothes. Second, […]

thecahepl_1floormain January 12

the chapel (PL)

This place, often just called ‘The Chapel’, had for long been a place I wanted to visit. We wasn’t sure if we would be able to access the place. We had heard rumors that the entry point was bricked. But luckily for us there were no problems. The decay has come a long way but […]

powerplant_controlroom_main January 01

thermal powerplant k (HU)

This is one of the most amazing abandoned places I have visited. This is the unused part of a thermal power plant in Hungary with highlights like the Art Deco control room with the legendary opal glass ceiling, nice staircases and long corridors. The plans for building a new power plant to supply Budapest with […]

disco inferno_djbooth December 26

disco inferno (AT)

I had seen stunning pictures from this place online for a very long time before I eventually was able to go there myself. It is known by the name Disco Inferno amongst urbexers. I don’t know who that came up with the name but it fits the place perfectly. It’s a burnt down disco in […]

jeusette_sal1 December 22

theater jeusette (BE)

In the creepy neighborhood of a gray industrial city lies this abandoned theater building. It was raining heavily when we finally found a way inside the building through the muddy basement. We had more locations planned for this evening so we didn’t spent to much time in here. We took a few shots of the […]

bislingen_skirental3 December 19

mountain lodge (NO)

The first time we tried to reach this place we had to give up. The road leading to the top of the small mountain with the abandoned lodge and ski slope was so icy and slippery that it was impossible to walk on. But a while later the ice was gone and on second attempt […]

underoslo_park8 December 15

oslo underworld (NO)

Below every city are places rarely seen by the public. Either because people in general doesn’t bother visiting them, or they are off limits for other reasons. I think it’s interesting to see this infrastructure and find out what is beneath the city’s top layer. Here are pictures from two different places under Oslo. The […]

trandumskogen_6 December 08

tank firing range (NO)

This is an old 300m long firing range for tanks in the middle of the Norwegian forest. German soldiers practiced here during World War II. The large 10m tall reinforced concrete walls are penetrated with huge holes but they are still standing and are reminders of the past activity here. The walls would act as […]

crystalerie_crystal4 December 04

crystal factory (BE)

These are pictures from an abandoned crystal glassware factory in Belgium owned by Val Saint Lambert. It was started in 1826 and back then 5000 people worked here. They lived in the buildings you see at the top pictures. Bankruptcy threatened the factory in the 80ties and it was bought up by the government. Today […]

saner_l_stage_basket November 25

secondary school S (NO)

A really cold snowy day a while back I went to see this abandoned secondary school in Norway with another explorer. The disadvantage of exploring in the snow is that our tracks were to visible. We had to search a bit around the building for the entry point but found it at last. We went […]

akersberget_landscape_0005_layer-273 November 20

medieval silvermine & beer halls (NO)

Underneath Oslo there is a well hidden old silver mine which is called ‘Akersberget silver mines’. It dates back to the medieval ages and is believed to be the oldest mine on Norway. The mine is mentioned in a book written in the year 1170 but some believe the mine actually existed when Harald Hardråde […]

sta_mon_C_ (1) January 19

monastery St. A (NE)

Yet another abandoned holy place. A huge monastery in the Netherlands with church section and a lot of other nice rooms. On the inside courtyard there was nice walkways under roof with arches and columns. Built in the 17 century and was used as a children’s asylum for girls from 1880. From the 1920s mentally […]

MonasteryFR_06 January 13

monastery fr (BE)

Shots from an abandoned monastery in Belgium. The place has a few different names on on line forums: Father Ray, St. Hilarius and Monastere du Roi. We new a small part of the huge place was still used so we had to enter the place quietly and fast and run though what used to be […]

lsc_l_0006_Layer 295 December 03

labyrinth school (BE)

The ‘Labyrinth School’ in Belgium is a very well known abandoned place for urbexers and the place is well photographed. The main goal for this mission was to see the amazingly long corridors as well as finding the old stroller in the attic. The place was under demolition or reconversion when we entered the place […]

Waste depot2 November 22

industrial area (NO)

An abandoned industrial area somewhere in Norway. Probably a place where they dealt with hazardous, polluted waste and/or oil storage. Large concrete tanks laid side by side next to the water. On the site was an office building and in a garage there was some old cars. Some of them had potential as restoration objects […]

Forest view hospital bed room November 03

forest view hospital (BE)

‘Forest View Hospital’, also called ‘Home Sweet Home’, is a large old hospital and nursing home for old people in Belgium. The place was abandoned in 2008 and it is well known for its huge amount of chairs. On the roof was a large terrace (also with chairs) with a great view over the forest. […]

TreeMansion1 October 13

tree mansion (BE)

Somewhere in Belgium next to a busy road lies this beautiful little farm house. The building looks quite anonymous on the outside, but the inside hat quite a lot of nice secrets. There where hay all over the place and the hay loft itself had a beautiful light. I took this picture (link to flickr) […]

Nursing home v phone September 08

nursing home v (NO)

It was a cold day when I stood up early and drove to this location – a nursing home in a small Norwegian city abandoned in 2005/06. The sleepy city and houses surrounding the buildings was still asleep. Frost on the trees and fog on the ground made a strange mood. I felt quite alone […]

Spinning machines August 31

cotton spinning mills (at)

The last mission this day was to explore an old spinning mills in the woods closed down many years ago. The light was fading fast. We met a man who stood between the buildings cutting down trees and after a long talk in German I didn’t understood, we got his permission to take a look […]

Steelworks 1 August 26

steelworks (at)

This is the most dusty and dirty place I have been to shooting urbex shots – an amazing abandoned steelworks in Austria. But it had also the most beautiful light I have ever seen. The photos doesn’t do justice to the warm evening sunlight shining through numerous small windows on the top of the large […]

mshamen_32_onboard_front August 11

ghost ship Hamen (SE)

‘MS Hamen’ is a Norwegian ship laying on the Swedish side of a fjord between the two countries. It is a historic vessel built as a steam powered vessel in 1949 in UK originally named ‘SS Pompey Power’. It was then owned by the British Electricity Authority in London. In 1960 it was sold to […]

Bottles 1 August 07

hotel arabica (at)

Pictures from a visit to an Austrian abandoned hotel with disco and soda water/lemonade factory in the basement. A fantastic urbex location. Lots of stuff to photograph and looked like it has been abandoned for many years. I felt like the time had stopped somewhere in the 60ties or 70ties. Upstairs was lots of bedrooms […]

bok August 07

my book for sale

I’ve made a book which is called ‘Forlatte steder’ which means ‘Abandoned places’. It has 240 pages with photography and a few pages with text. The book is a photo project that shows buildings and places that are no longer being used and are abandoned. Slowly but surely, nature works to take back and break […]

Powerplant at 1 July 01

powerplant (AT)

These are shots from a visit to an abandoned coal-fired power plant in Austria. It was actually my first visit to a larger industrial site. I had wanted to shoot pipes and machinery for a long time. This place was perfect for it – lots of pipes everywhere. The place had to large rooms. Boiler […]

Corridor2 June 03

underground war shelter (AT)

An evening explore to a large underground bunker and war shelter facility in Austria. Since it was dark outside and not longer possible to shoot decent stuff we decided to go inside and underground. This place was really huge. The complete size is 53.000m² on at least two levels and long corridors which looked the […]

Inside2 May 20

forgotten barges (AT)

A couple of old boats, or more correctly barges, are anchored along the Donau riverbank in Austria. Rust and decay is everywhere and plants are growing even through the steel hull. In the last post I did my first roof-topping, and this was my first photo shoot on a abandoned boats. :) The barges was […]

Testing my remote May 14

refugee flats (at)

Finally a new post from me. I have quite a lot to catch up with. These are a few shots from a visit to some empty abandoned blocks with flats used by refugees in Austria. Huge empty buildings with lots of space and a really nice view from the roof. This was my first roof […]

Ceiling fisheye March 30

manor house (AT)

Last year I traveled to Austria, met some great people and saw some amazing locations. This first post shows a large manor house, herrenhause, situated in the middle of a city. Visited on a very sunny day. The highlights was a couple of nice staircases with paintings and columns and other details, and a room […]

embrasure March 12

forgotten WW2 bunker (NO)

Often you don’t need to travel far to find an interesting abandoned location. This place I suddenly found in the area were I live. It is a quite large underground bunker dating back from WW2. Two long corridors and lots of rooms with storage shelves. From the main exit to the back the facility might […]

Phones February 11

cold war defense bunker (NO)

During the cold war a line of 6 defensive combat facilities where planned in the Norwegian forests. The fear of a possible Soviet attack was very real in the late 80ties and early 90ties. This bunker was built in 1989. After the ‘fall of the iron carpet’ the plans was abandoned and only 3 of […]

Exterior 2 February 04

soria moria / slottet / z-kroa (NO)

An old building shaped as a castle on top of a hill, silently waits to be demolished. It used to be a restaurant in the 80-ties when the road passed straight by. It had different names like Soria Moria, Slottet (Castle) and Z-kroa. Now, when the new motorway is thundering by below and the cars […]

Inside January 12

taverna (NO)

Next to a busy Norwegian motorway is this small restaurant building left to decay. The inside witness of quite a lot of vandalism and chairs, menues and and tables are all over the place. The place also had a peculiar smell. Perhaps from the dirty, wet wall-to-wall carpet on the floor. The place also had […]

Trolley January 09

garden center B (NO)

It was a nice sunny day to walk around this huge abandoned location somewhere in Norway. The garden center burnt to the ground in 2009 after a period of abandonment because of bankruptcy. The place was set on fire and police suspects possible insurance fraud. The trials begin soon. There are lots to see here […]

Water slide 4 December 31

lekeland (NO)

These are pictures from a trip to a few Norwegian urbex locations with http://knudsens.wordpress.com/ this summer. His other page: http://www.knudsenfoto.com/ I’m terribly slow with updating my blog page I’m afraid. :/ This small playland/lekeland in the middle of a Norwegian city is deserted and forgotten. Quite a lot of different objects and remains of rides […]

Inside November 19

forgotten house in the fields (no)

A forgotten swiss villa in the middle of a field and hidden by thick vegetation and trees. No roads headed to the house so I had to cross the muddy field to get there. I crawled through a broken window to get inside just to discover that a whole wall was missing in the other […]

Two friends September 26

Factory M (NO)

I had a very interesting trip to this Norwegian abandoned factory earlier this year. I found an inside space with trees and vegetation growing, and it was really cool to see how nature was taking the place back. A huge hole in the roof, which probably once supported a tank, made a perfect opening for […]

Entrance September 17

Military Camp O (NO)

Pictures from a trip I had earlier this year to this abandoned military camp somewhere in Norway. Originally the grounds was a farm but the officers took over the place in 1663. During the second world war German soldiers used the place a convalescent home. At least one of the buildings on the grounds today […]

CK1 September 10

Asylum CK (UK)

Early morning mission. Goal: To enter an asylum in the country said which was impossible to get into, we had heard. We walked across a huge muddy field and we instantly saw the huge razor fences that surrounded the hospital grounds. After a while we found a hidden spot, and by the help of some […]

Corridor September 03

Asylum T (UK)

This deserted asylum is abandoned in a small town in Wales with the same name. I’ve seen pictures of this place when it was abandoned, but still inn good shape. Now the decay is everywhere and little stuff is left. Thieves has taken lots of stuff, even the roof tiles. Signs outside the buildings tells […]

Smaller building August 28

Asylum BG (UK)

Another stop on the grand UK tour earlier this year. We had a quite interesting walk to get to this place. Over large fields and through a huge forest. A few dogs where barking in the distance the whole time – they was definitely aware of us. The first thing we saw on the hospital […]

Wheelchair August 14

Asylum D (UK)

This huge mental asylum was the first one built in Wales. Construction started in 1844 and four years later it opened. There were rumors about mistreated Welsh patients in English hospitals and asylums, and therefore this asylum was built to treat the Welsh people without language barriers etc. After several extensions from 1867 until 1956 […]

Upper room August 03

Hospital PP (UK)

Hidden by trees and only accessible via small country roads, we found this beautiful old hospital building forgotten and decayed in the Welsh countryside. Originally owned by Sir Walter Bagot, a prominent Staffordshire barrister. In 1828 the place was rebuilt in the Elizabethan style, as it is seen today, as a residence for the second […]

Xray2 June 29

Hospital M (UK)

We went to visit this hidden, closed down hospital in the middle of a busy English city. The place was quite large and had some really nice secrets like the X-ray rooms, classroom and cool chairs. The first parts of this place was built in 1877 and opened in 1890, but extensions has been added […]

Main hall June 02

Asylum W (UK)

This psychiatric hospital in UK was built in 1869 but officially opened on 1st April 1873 capable of housing over 2000 patients. The large site included an Anglican church, a Catholic chapel, a brewery, a recreation hall (also used as a ballroom) and several farms. At one point the hospital had its own railway which […]

Statues 1 May 09

College U (UK)

The visit to this abandoned seminary with chapel was really worth it and I’m really glad I have seen this location. The abandoned part is the junior section of a huge priest college built in 1859. The rest of the complex is still active but there are rumors of full shut down during 2011. It […]

Exterior Asylum H.R. 1 April 03

Asylum HR (UK)

This is the famous former psychiatric hospital HR in England. A very large complex of buildings on a 1,2 km2 site which opened in 1888 and closed 2003 as one of the last hospitals of this kind. The administration building, showed in the first picture, is Grade II listed which means it is of “nationally […]


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